At the bottom of the ramp, turn right, and continue to the corner. As you leave the branch of the previous Echo, continue with the story path, and youll find the Echo. Chest n1/4. Kyyyalstaad Basin Walkthrough on Kashyyyk Planet 01 Entrance from Kyyyalstaad Falls 02 Exit to Gloomroot Hollow 03 Distant Chest The chest is not underwater, but you have to swim to get it. Lower right of the highlighted area: Hey everyone quick question. If you explore the Kyyyalstaad Falls, youll eventually reach a long Zipline that will take you to the Kyyyalstaad Basin. Here, youll see a Chest in a higher platform; get up the platform, and BD-1 will scan the Origin Tree, unlocking the Encrypted Log. After you climb the giant swinging log, turn left and look down. Reach the Jump Plant you used to reach the platform on the previous Chest, the one at the left, but instead of using it, swim underwater until finding the Chest. - Kyyyalstaad Basin - Gloomroot Hollow - Origin Lake - Shadowlands - Deserted Village - Origin Tree - Gnarled Heights . You will get Poncho Material. Youll reach a zone with some flying enemies. You will need to unlock the shortcut that you will see on your right, at the very end of your last slide. Since then, he's always working on creating guides, tops, walkthroughs, and everything to help other gamers! This video shows how to find collectible Kashyyyk Kyyyalstaad Basin Chests Locations in Star Wars. With the underwater breather, you can reach the final chest in Kyyyalstaad Basin. After jumping off the zipline used to reach the Kyyyalstaad Basin, turn around and head towards the back of the lake. The Chest is on a small pier. If youre still at 92% on broken wing with the turbine blade secret (mentioned in the guide) then you are missing the exploration on the exit. Next: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - All Dathomir Collectibles. Force Essence 2 Join. Hi there, firstly, you are one amazing human thank you so much for making all these guides youre incredible and you have a fan for life, quick question I am one trophy away from plat its to scan one of the bounty hunters Ive finished all other trophies but the bounty hunters dont seem to show up anymore? Clear the stormtroopers, and then turn around. You will find an area with stormtroopers and some giant spiders, you will be able to open the chest after you have killed all of the enemies. Turn to the right, and youll see a room with the Chest. #3, Lightsaber Emitter, Passion & Strength. Thank You. Hes nnot always in range so you have to stand there for a few seconds if hes not in range. The Chest is at a small passage at the right. Now leap on to the other ledge and go left, which is where you will find the chest. At the end of the last slide, unlock the shortcut on your right. Cheers, finally found it. The scan prompt showed up immediately! If You cant scan, just wait around 5minutes left to the chair Looking forward Ancien Binog Location ! Once you have Force push, youll also be able to pick up the scomp link upgrade for BD-1, also on Zeffo. Awesome teamwork . Its over by the Lung Plant on the second level after the bridge. Johnny I finally found it at the start of the strangles cliffs go up the rope and head right their is a pod their thats empty and BD-1 should scan the last one. Chest 1 imperial tech 3 databank location can anyone help. A bit after chest 2 (and 3), youll drop into an area with stormtroopers battling a couple giant spiders. You need Pull and/or Jedi Flip to get up to here, I think. You will encounter a purge trooper after you get the first Chest, at this point you will have to run across through a wall and use Force on the broken door to get to the next area and to the Chest located here. One of the best parts of Jedi: Fallen Order is the opportunity to customize Cal's lightsaber with colors and additional parts, hidden in chests or located on benches throughout the game. On your way down to Kyyyalstaad Falls, youll have to swing and slide past a bunch of stormtroopers and platforms. From chest 1, continue away from the Cargo Pad toward the crashed AT-AT. You can grab them both on your first visit. Lightsaber Sleeve: Passion and Strength II. In total, there are 45 enemies, 19 Encrypted Logs, 107 Chests, 32 Secrets (8 of which are Stim Canisters), and 10 Terrarium Seeds. The NR-N99 enforcer tank was constructed by the Corporate Alliance for the Separatist Army. In Imperial Trench I believe in the room with all the KX Droids, there should be a bunch of containers off to the side, Im looking for Ilum Terrain # 4 as well as Bogano The Researcher #1 and The Creature #2 if anyone can point the way for me. These parts include switches, lightsaber emitters, materials and sleeves, and can be used to help customize a player's style throughout the narrative. If you use it, youll reach the Chest. If you are looking for collectibles, and its not your first time in Kashyyyk, just continue through the Story Path, and youll see the majestic Shyyyo Bird, which also works as a Fast Travel point. You'll find this chest on the left side of the location, in a dark spot. Area: Kyyyalstaad Basin. The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT), or Imperial Walker, is the backbone of the Empire's Assault Armor Division. Ive 100% completed the game, got the plat trophy, completed the entire databank and tactical database except for wookie culture 2. You will get Free Kashyyyk Poncho Material. After that, use the pipe at the right and jump to the next zone. Follow the branch on your left up to find this chest. Searched the whole planet several times and nothing. Geometry Dash. Clear them out, and have BD slice the chest for you. Once you kill them just to the left of the ramp there is a Wookie Horn BD-1 can scan. Kyyyalstaad Basin When you regain control following the fight against the Ninth Sister, the Shyyyo Bird will have taken you back down to the base of the tree and to the Kyyyalstaad Basin. - Kyyyalstaad Falls. Jump down to the branch below you, and head to the left to find this chest. For the first Chest, when youre at the Mantis, go left until you come across a ramp that goes down from the Cargo Pad. This chest is underwater, directly below where you dropped off of the zipline into this area the first time. Go to the entrance of the Industrial Refinery and follow the story path until finding a group of Storm Troopers guarding the door that gives you access to the complex. #17, Lightsaber Material, Peace & Justice II. Go through there. Search for the Chest in this narrow place underwater. You will have to come back here again at least once with Force Powers, Abilities and Doid Upgrades you earn in the following locations. It was a faded mural. If you find more, feel free to leave it in the comments (they are not relevant to trophies / achievements). Can I get any help with flora and fauna 4 on Bogano? Bogano is a mostly unexplored planet, located in the Outer Rim, and its landscape is dominated by mesas and wetlands. Echoes are the things you press for. Now, dive down beneath the water - you'll first need to unlock the. You can also use the in-game Customization and Databank menu ( / ) to determine what youre missing. You can now jump back the way you came into a hidden area. You can only get three of them at. For The Creature Entry N2, You have to Go in the Great Divide area ! Look for large tunnel underwater. Chest 1 Wookiee villages once dotted the Shadowlands, peacefully coexisting with the natural environment. Climb to the top of this chunk and continue through the wooden platforms until you see some swinging ropes leading to a Meditation Point. Ive been looking around now for hours trying to find that last percent to explore. The emitters, switches, sleeves and even the lightsaber material can be swapped and changed at any lightsaber crafting table you find. Slice the chest with BD, and open it for this BD-1 skin. Force Pull - you will learn this on planet Zeffo in Tomb of Miktrull, it allow you to pull objects, enemies abd open passages. Here you will find a ledge located on your left, climb atop it. I may be wrong but there should be a Mural next to the shortcut door to the abandoned workshop on Bogano. From the previous Chest, get out of the room and continue until finding a Purge Trooper. . from the first meditaion point in the halls of the nydak pull the wall (used to wall run to the meditation point) back up run across and wall run to the ledge, You need to scan geyzer in the underwater area between jedi temple and caves. Nonetheless, heres a guide to where to find them: Youll find this Encrypted Log at the place where you find the Shyyyo Bird for the first time. Empire on Ilum #1 is one of the golden chests in the Imperial Trench when you first go through. You will find 2 chests in Cargo Pad that you will be able to get on your first visit to the area. After theyre dealt with, look off the right side of the platform. I have found everything in the broken wing but Im still at 92%. Youll find another small lake at the top of the climbing wall; swim underwater as soon as you get in the lake and then turn left; youll easily see the Chest. After you use Force to push the pipe and make a pathway, you will get into a place which will have stormtroopers further down the area. Climb on the rope until reaching the first branch, which has Jump Plants on it. Shortly after you enter the Imperial Refinery, youll find a room where some flametroopers are battling some flame beetles. The area itself is kind of lackluster, but it serves to break . The remaining 24 Secrets are Life / Force upgrades and also count towards the 75 Force Echoes, of which there are more than you need for the trophy. Jess' favorite saga? Related: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: All Terrarium Seed Locations. Do not copy or reprint any element of this site. The gate is closed but I can pull the cable through it but not attach it anywere. Turn around from the meditation circle, and climb up the vines behind you (back toward the zipline you rode down). Thanks and have a great day! 8 is just under the slave collar, it is the red barrels. Shyyyo Bird. This chest is at the top of those ledges. I have all trophies except for that glitched one and, obviously, the platinum. Your email address will not be published. Make your way to the Shadowlands. Happy exploring! If you look to the right, youll see some swinging ropes. From the previous Chest, continue with the story path until finding a long rope that will take you to a big branch; this is the path that leads you to the Deserted Village. You can grab them both on your first visit. Kyyyalstaad Basin Chest Location - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - YouTube 0:00 / 2:22 Kyyyalstaad Basin Chest Location - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trane067 24.4K. but now i only need to grow a few seeds. I have reloaded multiple times and it is the last entry I need to Data Collector. Kyyyalstaad Falls COMPLETE Cross left to the ruined structure where the three rocket troopers were and take the zipline down ( Kyyyalstaad Basin ). You will have to climb up to the top of the shyyyo birds nest. When youre going to the Kyyyalstaad Falls, you will need to swing/slide across some stormtroopers and areas. Once youre at the top of this log, turn backwards and jump down on the branch placed under you, continue left to get to this Chest. Chest 1 Getting here will allow you to find the secret placed on a ledge. From here, go through the pipe at the right, jump to the next zone, and go to the door at the left. This chest will be on your left. Lightsaber Switch (Passion and Strength II) Hidden Area 20:13 - Kyyyalstaad Basin. 2019 17:43 Chest 1 Oops. You can collect five of the chests and both secrets on your first visit. This is one of only two data entries remaining and the last achievement based item I need. For the chests and secrets below, well focus on those that you can get with these (and the wall run) abilities. Exploration, leveling up, and backtracking with your new skills are part of the design. Once youre on the platform, take out the slyyyg and further. Swim over to the corner of the basin to find this chest. Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon There are four chests in Kyyyalstaad Basin. Oh and he seems rather fond of coining words, we'd say he's a peculiament. There is a Save Point - Kyyyalstaad Basin ahead, but before visiting this there are some Treasure Chests nearby. Where to find all Jedi Fallen -Rerendered most of the demo. Restarting my pc didnt work :/. At the 3 bladed turbine with one broke wing that you slow to walk across, squeeze through the gap to leave the area. It likely represents a planet but the artwork is too damaged to make out specifics.. You can find 3 in the Albino Spider nest. This is the last section of Kashyyyk. For anyone having problems with Archive Five Astrium Entry #1: Force Pull - you will learn this on planet Zeffo in Tomb of Miktrull, it allow you to pull objects, enemies abd open passages. Reach the Kyyyalstaad Basin by following the story path until finding a long Zipline that will take you to a lake. Chest 2 I am missing my 4th Entry into the Chapter 3 section. Powered Zipline - on Zeffo after Kashyyyk, it will allow you to travel up and down ziplines. Overcharge - you will get this on planet Kashyyyk, BD-1 can turn machinery on and off. About This will lead you to a new area with two fans youll have to Slow in order to find the Force upgrade Echo on the Stormtrooper corpse.. From the previous BD-1 upgrade, turn back to the story path and continue through some climbable walls at the left. From the Mantis, turn left and look for a ramp down off of the Cargo Pad. You can pick them both up on your first visit. I forgot where I got it but this is what the entry says in case it helps. Has anyone found The Researcher 13 and The Creature 2 on Bogano? Thank You. You will get Pilot Outfit Material. You have to navigate across tree branches. A quadrupedal multi-troop transport deployed for heavy ground force assault, they are most often used to eliminate insurgent threats and enforce Imperial occupation throughout the galaxy. Just finished my third playthrough and my god did I forget how good this game is. All Kyyyalstaad Basin Chests Location Kashyyyk Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order video. Same, thats the last thing I am missing. If not, the description might help. ^_^. Contact Me I just beat The Ninth Sister and left Kashyyyk. Here's how to find everything hidden within. There you will see a little chair for sightseeing. Hospital; Certificate; Vi; Employment; Per; Date. This locked chest is there. Lightsaber Emitter: Peace and Justice. Youll eventually find the Chest. Youll find a door that will give you access to a platform outside. After that, go inside the corridor, then turn left, kill all the enemies in this zone, and use the elevator at the right. There are three chests in the Gnarled Heights. Part of the map: Kyyyalstaad Basin. You will not be able to discover all the mysteries of the Kashyyyk planet during the first visit. . Turn to the left, and youll see the Force Echo. As soon as you splash down in the water of Kyyyalstaad basin, turn left. Probably in the tomb on the 5th level down or something! Is there any way to get back to the room with the workbench in the ice caves on Ilum once youve left? You will find a door locked on the right, use BD to slice it and you will get to the chest placed inside. Climb the wooden chunk and youll see another platform. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Overcharge - you will get this on planet Kashyyyk, BD-1 can turn machinery on and off. Thanks #1 Biggity08 18 . All Kyyyalstaad Basin Chests Location Kashyyyk Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order video. A little further along in the Shadowlands, youll have to dive under a huge tree branch. Legit you can pause the game at any point and you will have a work of art. You only need 75 Echoes, as of now 111 are part of this guide. Here you will have to face stormtroopers and a purge trooper. You will get Lightsaber Switch. About Encrypted Log #13 Archive Five Astrium: 1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is one of those games that offers many hours of replayability through exploration; it has an astounding amount of collectibles available for you. Before you get to the Kyyyalstaad Falls from the Imperial Refinery, you will find an area filled with water, a motioning propeller, and a number of platforms. Something went wrong. A bit more fiddling on that platform and I did pinpoint the exact spot BD-1 presents the Scan Prompt. Eventually, youll reach a zone with a small waterfall, some Troopers waiting for you, and a lake at the left. I cant get back into that room! i didnt follow the guide i just used to to find the last few pieces i need. Theres a corridor at the right with a holo-wall that BD-1 can open by Overcharging it. What does Life, Force, and XP Restored mean? Puts the amount of effort that went into this into perspective. Chest 4 The location was across from the mural where you get Dathomir unlocked. I thought I was just going to die. 125. Encrypted Log #13 Archive Five Astrium: 1. Chest 5 Grade . There is one chest and one secret in the Overgrown Pass. the Fricking Ceiling is the thing to scan. Continue with the story path as usual until finding the Origin Lake. Any idea? Using a single traction drive tread, this weaponized automaton could maneuver over terrain of many types, was fully submersible and armed with various weapon types. All your comments, suggestions and corrections are very welcome. Chest 1 Turn to the left and youll see the Chest. Hope this helps you out. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Theres a small corridor at the end of the platform that will lead you to the Albino Wyyyschokk nest; here, youll find Force Essence #2 and a Chest. Can anyone tell me what entry Im missing in the other characters section in the databank? Environmental Scans for Databank Entries are not needed for trophies / achievements and not part of this guide. Weve organized our collectibles guides based on the powers and abilities that you need to access chests and secrets. can i just stand somewhere in the middle of no where for like an hour to make them grow or do i have to be exploring and stuff? New planned tags: Penis worship. The Chest is behind a metal structure. Here, go to the left and then climb on a platform. Use them to get to the other side of the wall, and youll find the workbench. Between Chests, Force Echos, and well-hidden Secrets, you can spend countless hours getting into every single place of the game. Head left from the previous Chests Location and you will reach another tunnel which will be located towards your right. Force Slow - you know this power from the beginning of the game, it allow you to slow down time. Go to the entrance of the Forest Trench and follow the story path through the walkable walls. You will get Peace and Justice II Lightsaber Switch. Wall Run - you will learn this power relatively early on the planet Bogano in Subterranean Refuge, it allow you to run for a short while on some vertical ridged walls. Has anyone had issues scanning the Saava flower on top of the wall at the beginning of Shadowlands? 2008-2023, all rights reserved. Open the chest by slicing it using BD, and it will have the skin for BD-1. Again, better to have at least a text guide than nothing at all. On the far side of the Imperial Refinery, just before Kyyyalstaad Falls, theres a water-filled area with a spinning propellor and several platforms. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Slice - First Slice: Security Droid you will find on planet Kashyyyk, it allow BD-1 to control damaged security droids. From the previous Force Echo, go to the wooden bridge and use the Jump Plant to get to the other side of the terrain. 1 / 16. It likely represents a planet but the artwork is too damaged tio make out any specifics.. Try going to the main lift that takes you down very close to the woodies prison. After that, reach the Meditation Point. After climbing the climbing plants at the beginning of the area, you arrive at a high basin. From the previous Chest, return to the story path. Chest 2. After disposing of them, jump up the next ledge. The Chest is next to the ledge on the left. A weekly roundup of the best things from Polygon. kyyyalstaad basin chest locationscost of natural swimming pool. Half-Life! You will get Valor and Wisdom Lightsaber Sleeve. 3 is Wyyyschokk Eggs, but I forget where thjat one is, possibly the Shadowlands. . Then, turn to the right; youll see a couple of platforms and a Chest. Use the Jump Plants youll see after climbing the vine, then turn around and walk to the smallest branch; itll have the Force Echo on the tip. Its eating me up. You will get Force Essence. This zone is composed of gigantic branches, so getting lost here is difficult. Follow that walkway through a narrow passage to find this secret on a ledge over where you can fight the albino wyyyschokk (giant, white spider). Just found Wookie Culture 2. Copyright 2010 - 2023, maps for video games, game walkthroughs & game guides. You will have to come back here again at least once with Force Powers, Abilities and Doid Upgrades you earn in the following locations. You cannot jump back down from this point. From the previous Chest, go back to the wooden chunk and climb it. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Chest 2 As you reach this place, swim underwater and youll see the Chest. Force Push - you will learn this on planet Zeffo in Tomb of Eilram, it allow you to push objects and enemies. Then, continue forward until reaching a small zone with a Jump Plant. Please check your email to find a confirmation email, and follow the steps to confirm your humanity. Got my platinum thanks to think. Continue through the Origin Tree until finding the zone where you heal the hurt Shyyyo Bird. Scomp Link - you can find Scomp Link on planet Zeffo but you will need Force Push, it will allow you open locked doors and chests. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews. Cant find the Brood Bounty Hunter. Grandma's House Devlog. On this page: Several parts require specific . After killing them all, turn back. Head to the Origin Lake. Area: Kyyyalstaad Falls. 20:13 - Kyyyalstaad Basin. If you encounter a place you can't reach or enter, go exploring further to find more skills or abilities , then come back and try again. Nightsisters #6 burial pods, Sorry dont go up the rope after getting off the mantis and climbing the wall to the first area of nightsister zombies head right up the two platforms and there is an empty pod which BD-1 will scan, Its weird I scanned the chair and it said someone sat there studying the creature you were right though I sat staring at the creature and the scan prompt showed up much appreciated thank you may the lightside guide you always or darkside either way is fine. 1. Heres two screenshots: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has 256 Collectible Locations needed for trophies & achievements, split into 5 different categories. In this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide, well show you how and where to find every chest and secret location on Kashyyyks map. Hope someone can give some guidance for that one! Kyyyalstaad Basin chests and secrets locations map. On your way into the Imperial Refinery, youll use Force push to knock down a pipe and create a walkway. Echo Location - Discover 75 Force Echoes 01:19 - Landing Pad. Go to the first Meditation Point of the Industrial Refinery. They are equipped with a host of formidable offensive capabilities, including chinmounted long-range, heavy blaster cannons, as well as side cannons and blast-impervious armor plating. Was someone asking for an echo? Privacy Policy & Cookies. Move to the Meditation Point; theres a platform in front of it that you can climb. Cut through the wires on your left by using your lightsaber to get the third chest. You have to go all the way through the rest of the world, and hitch the bird back down to the bottom. You will get Life Essence. Instead of climbing that wall, turn around, and look for a lung plant. You will get Lightsaber Material. There are two chests in Kyyyalstaad Falls. After youve gotten underwater breather, you will be able to get the last Chest which will be located underwater, and under the area from where you dropped off from the zipline. The Jump Plants will take you to a higher zone; turn back, youll see the Chest in the distance. From the previous Chest, continue as usual until reaching a Meditation Point. Looking for Dathomir: Sage Kujet #2 anybody know where it is ? When you reach the Imperial Refinery and use Force to create a pathway by a pipe, you will see the secret located at your left. Youll get back to a Meditation Point near a pipe; use the pipe to get to the zone at the right and then get inside the door at the right. Zeffo Culture #7 Wind Chimes is next to the Chest #39 Poncho (Outlander) at the Tomb of Eilram. By submitting your email, you agree to our, Fallen Order guide: All chests and secrets on Kashyyyk, Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts via Polygon, Sign up for the You can collect them both on your first visit. From the previous Echo, turn back to the platform and then turn to the left; youll see some grills you can climb on. For further orientation, theres a Meditation Point inside the complex after exploring a zone where Troopers and Wyyschokk spiders had a fierce battle. Make your way along this pipe and slow the two spinning fans to reach this secret. Powered Zipline - on Zeffo after Kashyyyk, it will allow you to travel up and down ziplines. Go to the Origin Lake and start swimming underwater; you have to stick to the right side of the lake until finding a small underwater cave that will lead you to the Force Echo. Guess Im gonna wait for a patch. Right when you land on the main branch of Gnarled Heights, turn around. Go to Gloomroot Hollow. The rest is just following the path, and youll find the Echo. The creature 2 is next to the chair closest to the big creature on top of one of the rocks. Climb the platforms, and youll reach a zone where youll see a walkable wall that leads to a Jump Plant. Does anyone know where the Researcher scan 11 is? -Fixed some typos. This isnt required for an achievement but for completions sake Im interested in finding it. If youve collected everything, sometimes you just need to defog a specific area of the map by walking through unopened doors (indicated by green in the holomap). Force Essence 1 Sorry for the bad description but this is from memory. i just scanned the saava plant and i got the data collector trophy instead of the data disk trophie very weird. You cant push the button again, after the story.. And without pushing the button, you do not come to the new area with the two fans and the secret it is long double jump. Once you have wall ran across, stop and let the rafter go back up. Then, reach the Meditation Point and climb to the platform in front; youll see three Wyyschokk spiders and two platforms on the right. There is only one chest to discover in the Deserted Village. I collected the secret for broken wing however it still says 0/1 Secret on my map under broken wing. Stranger 9 I think is in an area where you need to pull down a rafter to wall run on it, and there 2-3 brothers shooting at you. There will be 4 lung plants for you to bounce, which will take you right next to the Secret, which will be a Stim Canister Upgrade. schoolteachers friendly society child trust fund login, propagated degree centrality,

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    北京时间,湖人新秀奥斯汀-里维斯谈起自己的新秀赛季,感叹自己曾与六位名人堂成员交手。这也是对湖人赛季的总结。 说起2004年的湖人队,人们会想起F4。而几年后,说起2022年的湖人队,人们会想起“六位名人堂”。 在昨天的最后一场比赛中,湖人队是最后一个结束的。戴维斯也打出了他新秀赛季最好的一场比赛,贡献了他职业生涯的第一个三双,让湖人队以一场胜利告终。 “有一段时间,我和六个名人堂成员一起打球,”里夫斯赛后说。 湖人队度过了一个平淡无奇的赛季,但也在历史上留下了印记,因为曾经有六名未来的名人堂成员与他们一起。 “三巨头”詹姆斯、戴维斯和威斯布鲁克,加上德怀特霍华德、卡梅罗安东尼和拉简隆多,是未来的名人堂成员。戴维斯 30 岁,是他们中最年轻的。安东尼和詹姆斯都是 2003 届的天才,都超过了 37 岁,下个月安东尼就 38 岁了。 豪华的疗养院,这是湖人队的另一个标签。但这一切都结束了,下个赛季,他们将进行整容,“疗养院”将成为历史。

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    北京时间,在西部半决赛的第二场比赛中,湖人队以117-109获胜,总比分1-1。安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)在油漆上发挥了巨大的优势。他拿下34分,10个篮板,4次助攻和24个投篮中的15个,这让他成为了火箭队的噩梦。 。 由于之前为鹈鹕队效力时球队整体实力的局限性,粗壮的季后赛并没有给人们留下太多印象,但实际上,这是一个在季后赛中“发疯”的人。在本赛季湖人的这7场季后赛比赛中,浓密的眉毛平均每场29.7分和10.1个篮板,这大大超过了他常规赛的26.1分和9.3个篮板,而且他的命中率也比常规赛强很多。 50.3%,高达季后赛恐怖的59%。 要知道,这一次他平均得到29.7分,但他是勒布朗·詹姆斯(LeBron James)拿到的,他的效率表现甚至比普通人还要好。在进攻端,无论是带球还是无球,向内进攻还是中距离投篮,他都展现出了一流的水准。不管他在恐怖分子方面的历史影响力和覆盖范围如何,仅谈论进攻,他的眉毛越长越能进入季后赛,就越强大。 如果算上之前的鹈鹕生涯,那浓密的眉毛总共打了20场季后赛,场均30.3分,11.8个篮板,2.5次助攻,1.7次抢断,2.3次盖帽,命中率58.9%。与他的常规赛季职业平均数据相比,除了基本相同的数据块外,所有其他统计数据都增加了,尤其是平均得分。眉毛浓密的职业生涯在常规赛中平均每场只有25分,在季后赛中飙升至30分。更多。 据说季后赛是测试超级巨星的真实舞台。以前,浓密的眉毛在21岁和24岁时只在季后赛中踢过两次,而球队的局限性并不过分。现在在湖人队中,詹姆斯旁边的眉毛拥有追求更高目标的最佳机会,他还依靠自己的“季后赛天生”特性为湖人队的球迷提供了保证。这样,进攻端和防守端都是极好的,只能用两个词来形容:真香!

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    当快船星期一在泡沫中参加他们的第一场季后赛比赛时,面对卢卡·唐奇奇和危险的小牛队时,蒙特雷兹·哈雷尔将适应并准备比赛。 ESPN的Adrian Wojnarowski和Ohm Youngmisuk报道,快船队的年度最佳第六人候选人因其祖母的去世而从泡沫中解脱,错过了八场种子比赛,将被隔离,并被允许出场。 Doc Rivers说,他计划与活跃的达拉斯前线对阵Harrell。 里弗斯说:“我只是把他扔在那里,他赢得了那权利。” “挑战将是他准备得如何。我不知道我是否曾经有一个球员没有参加过八场比赛,也没有进行过任何练习,而我们只是要在季后赛中将他踢出场。我们希望这一点。” 哈雷尔本赛季场均贡献18.6分和7.1篮板。哈雷尔由于防守能力的提高,经常在本赛季成为快船队的替补阵容中的一员,但是他总是在替补席上留下无穷的精力,这使快船队每晚都举足轻重。哈雷尔/卢·威廉姆斯的挡拆仍然是联盟中最流畅,最危险的一场。